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Standing for a Photo

I never stand with my ankles touching

  1. My Actual Hair Color – I’d gladly tell you what it is, but I’m not really sure. I’ve colored my hair for 25+ years. My hairdresser says you can tell by looking at my eyebrows. Maybe something between brown and raw umber?
  2. I never stand with my ankles touching – When I was 3, my right leg got caught in the spokes of a bicycle, resulting in a terrible compound fracture. We’re talking major blood and pain. The break didn’t heal very well, and I’ve always been self-conscious about it. I find creative ways of standing so no one notices.
  3. I’m an “only child,” and I have a half-brother – He’s 12 years older than I, and he was raised by my mother’s sister. I don’t know him. I don’t even know where he lives or how to spell his last name. I talked to him once before Mom died but not since.
  4. Dad told me that my eyes were brown because I was full of shit – When I was little, I believed him. I still do and curiously find it a source of pride.
  5. I’m musically challenged – I don’t sing well, I don’t even hum well. And I know the words to maybe three songs written after 1977. I never listen to the radio.
  6. In 1974 I won a 10-speed bike for making the most words out of the letters in a local radio station’s motto. I beat the second place person by over 3,000 words. I guess I didn’t have much to do in those ancient days before they invented Words with Friends.
  7. My mother turned 19 on the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941) – My father turned 80 the day terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon (September 11, 2011) .
  8. I didn’t see the ocean in person until I was 20 – I was in awe then, and it still takes my breath away!
  9. I’ve traveled to England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Sweden, and Austria – and many of these United States. I especially love taking ranger-led hikes in national parks. My favorite place to visit is someplace I’ve never been.
  10. My top typing speed in competition was 130 wpm – I haven’t exceeded 120 since I broke my left ring finger in a water park accident. FYI – 120 is 10 keystrokes per second. I don’t know how I do it either, but it’s one of my most cherished gifts.

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