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I Overslept!

Barbie with sun shining on her face

Morning Moments

Oh! I slept too late!

Now, as I write this, the sun is shining very brightly and directly into my eyes. It is moving upward very quickly, though. In fact, already it is shining on my forehead more than in my eyes.

I tilt my head back and close my eyes in order to take in the full sensation: The sun being absorbed through my eyelids and skin, breathed into my lungs, bonded with my blood and circulated throughout the whole of me.

I adore being bathed in this radiance. I feel as though I am becoming shiny new and utterly amazing!

I am in the spotlight! All eyes are on me. What is she going to do???? What is she going to do!?!

Slowly she drinks her coffee and pretends she has nothing better to do.

But I’m not pretending . . . .

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